Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Voices from Jerusalem: Meet Liana Rothman at Jerusalem Shabbat, July 29th

On July 29th, Sixth & I teams up with counselors and facilitators from Kids4Peace International for a Shabbat service led by Rabbi Scott in which residents of Jerusalem share their narratives of everyday and not-so-everyday life. To get more information or to RSVP, click here.

Born and raised in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Liana Rothman grew up in a liberal household and was taught at an early age that Judaism should be a personal and deep experience. Growing up, her family often identified as ReConservaDox (Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox), choosing what resonated most with them and working towards a spiritual and open-minded way of life. At the age of 17, Liana took off on a gap year of traveling and volunteering in various parts of the world, and eventually ended up in Israel, where she attended Tel Aviv University. Liana moved to Israel full-time in the fall of 2013, and has been living there for three years. She spent summer of 2014 (during the Gaza War) in Jerusalem staffing a Jewish/Arab summer camp called Project Harmony.  This June she received her Bachelors in Liberal Arts, with a major in Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in Psychology. Liana joined the Kids4Peace team as an advisor in the fall of 2014 and has worked with these youth for the last two years. Next year, Liana will be joining the Kids4Peace office staff as K4P’s community organizer. 

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