Monday, February 8, 2016

Q&A about DIY -- Your Questions Answered about the new Design It Yourself Fellowship

Q & A about DIY(Answering your questions about the new Design It Yourself Fellowship)

We’re sitting with Rabbi Scott, asking him a few of your questions about the new Design It Yourself initiative. Details about application and dates can be found here: DIY is made possible by a generous grant from the Covenant Foundation.

What is DIY?

DIY is a chance to create and reflect on Judaism and Jewish life. Our fellows will have a chance to make the most meaningful Jewish spiritual objects -- a Passover haggadah, a tallit, a shofar, a mezuzah --  and study ancient and modern wisdom about those objects.

I’m not crafty. I once tried to paint my apartment and the fire department had to be called. Long story.

That sounds complicated. You don’t have to be a star on HGTV to join. We’re working with a number of exceptionally talented artists to guide the fellows (and me!) through the creative process. What matters is that you like working with your hands -- that you enjoy the process of making something that is real and physical. No previous experience required, and any skills you do have will be put to good use.

What’s the time commitment like?

Pretty reasonable. Rabbi Shira and I felt like meeting every week was too much for this particular initiative, but we still wanted to help it shape a full Jewish year for participants. So what we came up with was 3 or 4 sessions for each project, scheduled before major Jewish holidays.

How religious do I have to be?
We will have people in the fellowship who would never use the word “religious,” and people who lovingly embrace the title. All that matters in DIY is whether you find the experience of creating and making the Jewish objects meaningful.

How many people will be in the fellowship?
Because it’s our first year, we’ll cap the initiative at ten fellows. Seven have already signed up. Send in your applications quickly!

Anything else?
An important part of the fellowship will be cultivating participants’ voices. Fellows will be asked to reflect upon each project - whether through writing, drawing, music, or the medium of their choice. Your voice matters, and we’ll help you add it to the many voices of wisdom in our Tradition.

Well, you heard the man. Send in your applications (!

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